Letters: Name and Address Supplied, February 17, 2017

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Last year, following a blood test at my local surgery, I was found to have a potentially serious medical condition. Thanks to prompt action by my GP and the subsequent preliminary investigations and treatments I received from my GP’s practice in Downham and from the consultants and staff at QEH in Lynn, I was sent to Addenbrooke’s at Cambridge for radiotherapy for four weeks, five days a week. At the end of all this I was pronounced as cured.

Throughout the whole of the treatment, I received excellent care by my GP in Downham, by the consultants and nurses at the Macmillan Centre in Lynn and by the radiologists and staff at Addenbrooke’s. The whole experience would have been very worrying were it not for the personal reassurances and attention that I received from all the NHS staff throughout.

Name and address supplied