Letters: Name and address supplied, February 3, 2017

Jo Rust.
Jo Rust.
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I congratulate the Lynn News on the unique scoop in the edition of February 3, to the effect that sensationally, Ms Jo Rust is leading a protest demonstration.

This protest is against US President Donald Trump, who is the democratically elected leader of our greatest ally, but who has the temerity to seek to protect his fellow citizens from possible terrorist action.

He announced a ban on travellers from seven, mainly Arab countries entering the US. Nowhere, in seeking this ban, does the president mention any religion, sect or creed which he wishes to exclude.

Amongst the seven targeted countries are Iran, Yemen, and Somalia et al. These countries are not democratically led, but rather have dictatorships of a ruthless nature. Thus murder,torture, indefinite imprisonment without trial, incarceration, and gender discrimination against women are rife in these states.

However they have one common policy – banning Israeli citizens from entering their countries. This ban is based totally on religion.

I therefore look forward to Ms Rust, who must now have a taste for protests, organising a public demonstration against those countries who ban travellers from Israel on religious grounds.

Can she advise when this action is likely to take place – I am sure it will receive overwhelming support.

I end with a paraphrased version of recent comment by a prominent British politician:

“Ms Rust can engage in her protests, the rest of us are engaging in our country”.

Name and address supplied