Letters: Name and address supplied, January 20, 2015

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Further to Malcolm Cox’s comments on January 2, I would like to share my recent experience.

Two years ago I became unemployed due to redundancy and received Job Seekers Allowance. Finding a job proved very difficult as King’s Lynn is quite poor when it comes to employment. However, after a few weeks I discovered I was entitled to help with my mortgage interest; being a single person I did not have a second income coming into my household and neither did I have a vast amount in savings. The result?.... I was told that I was not entitled to any help at all, I had no health problems, no children, was not caring for anyone and absolutely no reason for needing to live in my house or in my village!

As I had equity in my property, I was told to sell up (which of course we can all do within a couple of weeks!) and purchase an alternative property. I was provided with a list of recommended properties mostly consisting of mobile homes and alternatives such as a single room in a pub, a maisonette and, would you believe, building plots!

What a smack in the teeth for a British taxpayer who worked constantly and paid into the system for 44 years.

I challenged the decision of the DWP and it exploded into the most unbelievable and appalling saga.

As a last resort I contacted Elizabeth Truss MP for help... she wasn’t interested. I then heard Henry Bellingham MP on KL.FM spouting off about how he liked to help people with benefit problems and so I wrote to him... he didn’t even have the courtesy to reply!

I contacted the Prime Minister who fobbed me off to department after department and they were not interested either. Out of anger and frustration I wrote to Nigel Farage who responded within three days. Understandably there was little he could do but he was very sympathetic and made it clear that he was disgusted with the way I was treated.

I was actually back in full-time employment within a year but my fight is still rolling on.... with absolutely no help or support from any of my MPs.

So, it is hardly surprising that MPs are defecting to UKIP but not surprising either will be the amount of voters who will also be defecting. No prizes for guessing which box my “X” will be in at election time!

Name and address supplied