Letters: Name and address supplied, May 23, 2017

Queen Elizabeth Hospital - King's Lynn
Queen Elizabeth Hospital - King's Lynn
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I do not normally write to my local newspaper, but a recent visit to Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital has left me angry and upset.

Whilst trying quite unsuccessfully to find a space to park at the QEH, I noticed someone returning to their car and made my way towards it, only to be overtaken by a young lady who barged her way past my car to get her own car towards this space before mine.

No worries, I drove off to find another space, and found another car reversing out of a space, and as I manouvered my car to park, a people carrier appeared from nowhere to get into the space before me, then the driver gave me an unpleasant and foul mouthed account of how he was ten minutes late for his appointment and has been driving around for at least ten minutes looking for a space. Again, I drove away not wanting a confrontation.

This situation happened three more times, with an incident of an elderly lady telling me to go away very impolitely as she was going to park, even though I had sat waiting a few minutes.

Something needs to be done about the parking at the QEH.

I do not need to come to the hospital and be greeted with foul mouthed and rude people who are prepared to damage their own and other people’s cars just so they can get a space before someone else.

After eventually parking and being 40 minutes late for my own appointment, I left the QEH and drove towards the Hardwick roundabout, as I needed fuel and refreshments.

Whilst queuing at the pumps, lo and behold, a car barged its way past mine to get to the pump before me.

I just shook my head, reversed out of the forecourt and left.

The age of common courtesy and respect is long gone now, and every driver on the road sees every other driver as public enemy number one.

I’ve been driving over 25 years and I have never witnessed such rude, bad tempered and bad mannered people as I had the great misfortune to meet last week.

I have taken the dramatic step to ask for my hospital appointments to be moved to Norwich because the parking system there is fairer and cheaper.

Name and address supplied