Letters: Name and Address Supplied, May 30, 2017

'Queen Elizabeth Hospital' signs.
'Queen Elizabeth Hospital' signs.
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I am a 60-year-old retired Addenbrooke’s trained State Registered Nurse with very high standards. Usually I am a very active, busy individual, married for 30 years,mother of two boys, 16 and 25, own and look after a horse and a dog and am a passionate gardener.

Unfortunately, I suddenly became unwell at the beginning of April and was shocked following admission to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Papworth Hospital to be given the diagnosis of heart failure, query cause. I am awaiting an urgent MRI cardiac scan and then possibly insertion of three pacing wires.

I am writing to you to tell your readers of the amazing staff at both hospitals, both medical and non-medical. Over the ten days as an inpatient l have witnessed genuine care and compassion. I cannot begin to express my gratitude.

However, I feel it is my duty to also highlight the failings that these wonderful staff have to put up with. At the QEH, staff have to go to town in their own time to buy shower gel, combs, shampoo, etc. paid for out of their own pockets for patients who do not provide their own. In my ward there was a large yellow bin for contaminated waste which has been out of action for three years. Apparently it cannot be fixed, but cannot be replaced either because of the cost.

At Papworth they run out of toilet rolls, bed-pans, bedside light bulbs regularly and have to beg,borrow or steal from other wards. The domestic staff can work more than a week before days off but only have one tunic which they have to launder every night. Bleach tablets used for toilet cleaning run out, recently wards had to be closed because of infection. The canteen has recently been closed due to an outbreak of food poisoning.

My wish is that these shortfalls are addressed asap to make our wonderful NHS staff’s difficult and often unpleasant job easier.

Name and address supplied