Letters: Name and address supplied, May 8, 2015

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Over the past three to four years my daughter has been admitted to the QEH on several occasions, always displaying the same symptoms, and on every occasion being sent home without any answers or diagnosis.

Her treatment during these stays although ok at times has also ranged from “shoddy” to downright appalling (an example being – having been admitted to a ward at 8pm one night she was still sitting by a used, dirty, blood-splattered bed at 3am when she called me in tears to “please get me out of here” at this point she had seen no doctor, been offered no medication, food or drink and had no sleep) the list of other instances goes on.

As you can imagine during this time there have been many reasons to complain and suffice to say there have been “words” on occasions.

In January of this year, my daughter was again taken ill and I was told by her GP to take her straight to A&E and this was the point at which everything (including my opinion) changed.

This was the day that thankfully she became a patient of Dr Altemimi.

This man is an absolute shining light in what was fast becoming a poor and failing hospital. (Fact).

His ability to organise and inspire all around him is second to none, he is making a massive difference, on several occasions staff we have spoken to have come out with the same comment

“Altemimi makes things happen”, I can vouch for this, he certainly does.

I do not have the words to fully express what I, as a father feel I owe to him, he has made a huge difference to my daughter’s life.

I know nothing about the powers-that-be at the QEH and what the plans for the future of the hospital are? But I do know whatever they are they need to include this outstanding doctor.

There is hope for this hospital while he is there.

Name and address supplied,