Letters: name and address supplied, October 14, 2014

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Exactly how does Unison and its Labour activists imagine that a four-hour strike and four-day work to rule will improve the lot of patients, clinicians, the reputation of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital at King’s Lynn or the NHS or influence the coalition? It beggars belief.

What Unison and Labour fail to realise is that it was Labour that was so poor at running the economy they spent more than they received, made no provision in years of plenty for years of lean, raided pension funds and sold off gold at rock-bottom prices to prop up their reckless spending, and it was exactly because of their incompetent spending that public sector finances are in the parlous state they are in.

The private sector is squeezed so why should the Public Sector be spared?

Nurses are paid very well for their labours, higher on average than most people can earn in a job in the private sector, so perhaps Unison and Labour can justify why public workers are a special case, over and above pensioners whose pensions were raided by Brown, and while they are at it, maybe they would like to apologise for cocking it up in the first place?

Name and address supplied,

King’s Lynn