Letters: NAS, January 22, 2016

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No Caption ABCDE PPP-160701-180749001
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Unless he has been seriously misquoted, Heacham councillor Terry Parish shows arrogance in his statement that it is not the council’s job to bow to public opinion (Lynn News, January 12).

Surely it is just that. He is in office to represent the people who elected him and more than 88 per cent of those people support Lidl’s proposal and their views should have notice taken. His two objections simply do not make planning sense.This is not a virgin site; for many years it has been an active fuel station, grocery shop and car wash, a collection of buildings.Lidl’s application is for a modern building to replace these to be run as a grocery store with parking. Generally people stay longer to shop than to buy petrol, so traffic numbers will actually be lower than present permitted use. Similarly, the volume of water for eveyday running of the store will be less than the present car wash, therefore no increase in the load on drainage system.

Thank you Councillor Alan Walker for trying to reflect the supportive views of residents.

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