Letters; Neville Wright, August 18, 2015

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It was a pleasant surprise to see the Memory Lane photo of the King’s Lynn Air Rifle Club taken 35 years ago (Lynn News, August 4).

The club was set up by my father Allan (centre back) and his work colleague, Tony.

My father started my shooting career when I was ten at the St Michael Rifle and Pistol Club in 1975. At that time I was too short to see over the standing gallery so he made me a standing step to enable me to shoot. I had heard that the St Michael Rifle Club still used the step years later.

As for my father, he was a marksman in the Scots Guards with his Lee Enfield 303, saw active service in Egypt and was selected as part of the Honour Guard at King George VI’s funeral. After initially retiring to Anmer; he remains, at 82, still a better shot than I. He also still has a better sense of fashion than I, with me pictured in the photo with crossed arms and wearing that awful tank top!

Despite the memory of the tank top, I have still ordered copies of the photograph.

Neville Wright

by email