Letters: Nicholas Vinehill, October 31, 2014

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The workings of the European Union (EU) should constantly be held to account but in a constructive way that’s not solely geared to short-term political point scoring around the promotion of national chauvinism and anti European sentiment!

Tory PM David Cameron and trumped up UKIP leader Nigel Farage pose as political adversaries yet they are both free market conservative ideologists who predictably bemoan a £2billion odd surcharge the EU has imposed on the UK for allegedly higher economic growth – a ruling that has applied to all member states and which has never seriously been challenged particularly when it went the other way where rebates were received well in excess.

Quite simply this ruling, is analogous with a typical domestic PAYE tax and wage system that features in all capitalist economies that the more one earns the more one is taxed!

It’s not a question of being pro or anti the EU! David Cameron has been boasting all along how his Government has improved the economy despite ignoring the slight contradiction of breaking every free market value they stand for with massive bail-outs, quantitative easing, subsidies for homeowners, not to mention of course the inclusion of black market activities like the proceeds from prostitution to be included in the figures.

All this well exceeds a mere £2 billion bill which the EU demands for supposedly recognising this alleged wonderful economic achievement’!

Nicholas Vinehill,

Southgate Court, Snettisham