Letters: Nick Daubney, May 1, 2015

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I would like to reply to the points raised by Robert Raab (Letters, May 1).

The letter has been received by the Lynn News of course, not the borough council, and generally a more rapid response can be given to direct questions rather than under Freedom of Information. However, Mr Raab can be assured that the King’s Lynn expansion plans as published are a matter of public record. The Air Quality Action Plan to deal with pollution aspects recently passed through Cabinet and all details are on the borough council website.

Planned housing growth is also a matter of public record along with other infrastructure projects including the new King’s Lynn Innovation Centre to assist business, the higher education facility at the college. Funding is largely in place for most facilities, Mr Raab may be aware that this is directed from many sources, most particularly through presentations made to the Local Enterprise Partnership. This council has been particularly successful in making such bids along with its other public partners.

Mr Raab will also be pleased to know that we are in advanced discussions with a major doctors’ surgery for a large new facility to service the anticipated housing growth over the next few years.

The council has been ambitious for King’s Lynn given the necessity to keep a buoyant local economy, giving jobs and opportunities particularly for young people.

Considerable resources being made available to improve educational attainment and this remains an ongoing programme.

Housing development at the South Lynn development site is going ahead apace with houses selling as quickly as they are being built. This does make infrastructure demands which are in place and are funded.

The Government idea of infrastructure funding called CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) will also ensure funding for infrastructure in direct relationship to number of houses built.

Nick Daubney,

Leader, West Norfolk Council