Letters: Nick Lawrence, January 30, 2015

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On returning to Downham Market after a while away I could not believe that the work had not been completed on the Willows nature reserve.

Fencing has been erected for a month now around the pond. Apparently the water had been drained out but this is rapidly refilling.

When are our local councillors going to be jumping up and down, shouting to get this area of local beauty back to its former glory? It’s disgraceful. Why hasn’t a planned programme been put in place ie fence up, fish out, trees cut back, pond dredged, fish re-stocked, job done.

Even I could do a better job, planning a programme, getting in quotes and placing orders so that work could progress on time.

The place looks like a building site at the moment with all the land around cleared for house building. Now is the time to get the work done while the place looks a mess.

Come on councillors, make your constituents proud to have voted for you. Let’s get something moving. Get the job done by the end of February as originally planned so all the new homeowners can enjoy this beautiful area.

Let’s face it, there is not much land left around for the benefit of wildlife in these sprawling housing estates.

Nick Lawrence