Letters: Nick Vinehill, August 16, 2016

Labour leadership contender Owen Smith at Corby Urgent Care Centre NNL-161208-170334001
Labour leadership contender Owen Smith at Corby Urgent Care Centre NNL-161208-170334001
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Besotted by personality politics and economic excuses, the Tories may well like to elect their new leader by some cerebrally bereft X-factor formula that doesn’t involve a public phone-in vote.

However this current far more democratic Labour leadership contest today is totally unnecessary because it doesn’t address the underlying problem that engulfs the Labour Party today. Jeremy Corbyn was elected fair and square only a year ago and nothing has changed in that respect!

The problem is the bulk of career Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) MPs like Owen Smith, who is, standing against Corbyn detest his democratic election because as they only originated from the dregs of Blairite New Labour they were only elected as uncontested Labour candidates in their constituencies because of that.

The issue over what type of Labour MP they were, which Mr Corbyn’s election has brought sharply into focus, didn’t arise. Now it does!

Mr Corbyn’s politics are by no means flawless but whatever happens to him in the long run, at least his tenure as leader so far has uncovered, to the frustration of the Tories and the mainstream media, how the bulk of the career PLP are a separate party on their own who work alongside the right wing establishment to uphold the rotten neoliberal consensus that British politics has had to endure for several decades both under Tory and ‘New’ Labour governments. It also exposes, of course, how utterly bias the Tory media are towards anything that seems remotely left wing.

If the majority of the PLP say Mr Corbyn is unelectable, thus inferring that all General Elections are about personality choices rather than political issues, then they should be made to explain why it was their Blairite neoliberal policies lost Labour the last two elections and nothing to do with the Corbyn factor. Then, in the light of the massive support Corbyn commands outside Parliament, they, if they were true democrats, should surrender themselves for a re-selection contest themselves in their own constituencies against other Labour candidates who might support Corbyn. See what happens and if that means one hundred odd by-elections in safe Labour seats, all well and good.

Nick Vinehill