Letters: Nick Vinehill, December 16, 2016

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My only response to letters like those from John Prendergast (Lynn News, Letters December 9) who complains that too many letters written by the same people appear on your letter pages is ‘if you can’t beat them join them’!

I’m sure the letters editor can speak for himself if he felt the need to, but from a reader’s perspective Mr Prendergast might consider that a newspaper’s letters ‘in tray’ must be inundated weekly with a lot of local letters intended for publication on various matters. Some might be very objective, some subjective, some philosophical, some just plain ‘rants’ and some totally incoherent offensive or rude which renders them obviously unpublishable.

I’ll suggest to Mr Prendergast that the contributors he lists as being ‘too regular’ may appear on occasions to have their letters published more often than others because their polarised articulated views usually invite a response from others which, regardless of whether they’re deemed by readers as progressive or unsavoury, is the hallmark of a democratic free press.

Maybe Mr Prendergast might consider relieving his frustration and attempt to address the various views and angles such regular contributors make rather than complaining about the frequency their letters are published. He never knows, he might actually get to enjoy it so much that the regulars will be stunned into silence by the strength of his arguments and never want to write in again!

On a general note, however, in this political climate one of the last things a local free press needs is to resort to the type of letters pages the popular national tabloids adopt where readers correspondence is usually composed of a few words or lines and only printed because they reflect the screaming nature and message reflected in the front page tabloid headlines.

Nick Vinehill, Snettisham