Letters: Nick Vinehill, December 30, 2014

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Your correspondent Brian Baylis (Letters, December 9) questions why can’t MP’s live on less? The answer is they can but nevertheless he misses the point entirely about the constitutional roll of an elected professional MP in Parliament today.

There is no choice on political ideology between any of the main parties today. Tories and their alleged traditional political rivals Labour are all pro market, neoliberal warmonger parties and merely compete over who can be the best at it by manipulating monetary and fiscal policy that supposedly appeals to their respective business versus employee constituents! Consequently this dire choice encourages nationalistic Tory pressure groups like UKIP to pretend they’re even better Tories than the official Tories by challenging the level of immigration or the belonging to the European Union as an answer to all our economic problems when it is in fact the system of capitalism which they all endorse which inevitably create recession, financial crashes, unemployment, division, corruption and war regardless of immigration or of whatever type of economic bloc capitalist states inevitably have to succumb to!

Quite simply the vast salaries and expenses MP’s receive in relation to the majority of their constituents has nothing to do with performance. Similar to bankers bonuses in the financial sector they’re solely an award for ensuring they never rock this neoliberal racket in an elected House of Commons which is why its utterly pointless ranting on against the salary, expenses and outside business interests of local MP’s.

Nick Vinehill,