Letters: Nick Vinehill, Febraury 27, 2015

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The House of Bishops has recently despatched a letter claiming the current political class should display higher morals and understanding in politics.

This provoked the customary media and political backlash as to whether the Church should be engaged in politics at all and many Tory bigwigs in government who clearly felt for some reason they were at the centre of the Bishop’s ‘attack’ went to the lengths of claiming the Church was behaving as a ‘left wing’ force in politics.

What all this misses is that religion is very political anyway but it’s certainly not left wing!

The Church has always been the domain of the political right wing which is why the Tory Party has historically been dubbed as the ‘Church of England at prayer’ and is still very much so. The reason for this and why the government is so desperate to increase faith schools and religious teaching is as long as the majority of voters, whether active worshipers or not, accept the myth of a God who ultimately has all the humane and moral answers then the less likely will they be in seeking practical political solutions to world economic and social problems and leave everything in the hands and judgement of religious doting governments!

Moreover religion also provides a powerful weapon for governments to claim that differing religious ideologies are responsible for all wars that rage throughout the globe today when its simply being used as a scapegoat for the real causes which (particularly in Islamic countries) are access to profitable land resources and trade routes and establishing military spheres of political power in such regions.

Nick Vinehill,