Letters: Nick Vinehill, February

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Let US President Donald Trump make a state visit to the UK. He’s going to come anyway despite the level of protest and petitions.

If there’s any upside to Trump’s election at least he doesn’t hide what he thinks and that’s what many of the British ruling class find so frustrating because his views on issues like immigration, free enterprise, trade protection, anti-EU, women, abortion etc. are wholly consistent with theirs! However what they don’t like about a gung ho jingoistic personality like Trump being President is not that they wildly disagree with him but the way he bombastically proffers them which are two entirely separate issues.

All the more reason then not to ban President Trump from coming but to allow the public to see the spectacle of him riding around on a horse-drawn carriage no doubt affectionately embracing the hand of our “politically neutral” monarch accompanied by mass bands and all the usual pomp and pageantry that goes with it. It will fully epitomise how the UK political establishment who believe it can go it alone outside the European Union (in order to adhere to the “cherished will of the people”) is in reality wholly dependent on pandering to populist world politics, multi billionaire politicians and clearly xenophobic US type presidents in order to survive.

If Labour was a true political alternative to the Tories despite its internal divisions it should be supporting his visit just to underline this hypocrisy and double standards of the current Tory government along with their puppy pressure group called UKIP!

Nick Vinehill, Southgate Court, Snettisham