Letters: Nick Vinehill, February 2, 2016

Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust ANL-150422-085411009
Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust ANL-150422-085411009
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It’s somewhat bizarre for your regular correspondent Edward Wheatley to chide former North West Norfolk Labour candidate Jo Rust for what in his eyes was not displaying enough “sour grapes” towards her opponent, the now knighted Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham and allegedly endearing herself with the rest of the political establishment throughout the election contest and its aftermath.

In fact Jo Rust, unlike your correspondent, had been consistent throughout the election campaign as she does now in articulating all the rotten features and double standards about Sir Henry’s Tory policies, but unfortunately they didn’t resonate soundly with the local electorate, not because she was a bad candidate but because the political climate in the UK at the time along with the state of the Labour Party meant that even a donkey could have become the Tory MP in a constituency like NW Norfolk!

I’d therefore suggest to Mr Wheatley that if Jo Rust had expressed more public vitriol and sour grapes towards Sir Henry, which I’m sure she would have loved to have done outside the sycophantic parameters of parliamentary etiquette, then can he imagine the bad press and comments she would have attracted anyway which would have damaged her campaign even more.

I can only conclude that Mr Wheatley’s criticisms are down to pure envy and ignorance, particularly as the concluding part of his letter attacking as usual, ‘immigration’ actually plays right into the hands of the very political establishment he makes out he’s opposed to.

For example, he generalises by writing that everyone is more concerned about immigration as the main political issue today but only because he’s so clearly politically apathetic and economically disingenuous that his only source of feel-good empowerment is to blame immigration. If he was more consistent in attacking the real economic causes of poverty, lack of jobs, housing crisis, NHS problems in the same way Jo Rust articulates then he might understand that economic problems have little to do with immigration which actually occurs all over the world not just in the UK.

So no, Edward Wheatley. Jo Rust’s sour grapes are about right. Yours are just rotten and ‘pip less’.

Nick Vinehill

Southgate Court, Snettisham