Letters: Nick VineHill, February 24, 2017

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One doesn’t have to be a former Tony Blair admirer to realise the vitriol and bile directed towards the former Labour PM’s comments that the EU referendum did not test voters on what EU membership was really all about were exactly right!

With all the recent talk about ‘fake news’ it just illustrated that public bile was more directed towards him as a very right wing Labour PM who ‘lied about the reasons for going to war with Iraq’ rather than his views about the EU referendum.

Without defending Tony Blair all he was merely arguing is how could the Brexit vote be credible when there was no Brexit manifesto available apart from voting to leave and nothing about the consequences of doing so?

Moreover with all the pathetic accusations of him being a war criminal, Tony Blair was backed by the Tory opposition throughout the whole tenure of his period in Downing Street on all economic and military matters.

That’s why his lasting legacy will always be the best Tory PM the Tories never had and until Labour cleanse itself of all Labour Blairite MPs there will never be a realistic socialist opposition!

Nick Vinehill, Snettisham