Letters: Nick Vinehill, July 15, 2016

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The whole Tory leadership charade that was supposedly triggered by the EU referendum Leave result because Tory PM David Cameron wanted to Remain, implies that everything in UK politics revolves around membership of the EU (a borderless, capitalist, bankers’ club that will remain anyway).

The reality, of course, is to obscure that despite the EU, it’s Tory “neoliberal” free market economic domestic policies that have failed, and by Mr Cameron resigning followed by a leadership contest is just a theatrical diversion to persuade millions of politically apathetic or confused voters that a change of personality in No 10 Downing Street will change things for the better. It’s all utter nonsense and gutter politics! To avoid appearing too nasty towards each other in the space of a week five ideologically-united Tory MP leadership candidates were swiftly reduced to two like skittles and the survivors, who just happened to be two women, inferred that the Tory party was always a party that championed women’s rights.

As history has proved, a leader’s gender, or personal or physical characteristics, have no impact on Government policy and direction because when in power the policies of all national capitalist governments will always be dictated by the fluctuating fortunes of global market forces which ignore all sovereign states and flags.

Nick Vinehill, Snettisham