Letters: Nick Vinehill, March 10, 2015

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The most significant aspect about former Tory and Labour foreign secretaries Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw’s recent outside parliamentary ‘cash for access’ revelations is that they belonged to two opposing parties, yet both indulged in the same commercial practice!

Although they’re both due to retire at the next election this alone reflects how, despite all the talk from mainstream political commentators about the existence of a wide ideological and policy gulf existing between the Tories and Labour before the oncoming election, in fact they are virtually the same.

Inevitably such revelations sparked another debate to ban MPs from doing second jobs which is utterly pointless because, as defenders of capitalism while representing their constituents, their MP role in Parliament is for many their second job and their outside paid employment particularly in the realms of law and finance are wholly interlinked.

It can only be made more accountable within the system by making politics a non-professional vocation itself where elected politicians similar to local councillors have to do a proper job whether they like it or not.

Nick Vinehill

Southgate Court, Snettisham