Letters: Nick Vinehill, September 2, 2016

Brexit bus EMN-160523-145531001
Brexit bus EMN-160523-145531001
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Brexit will never occur! It was never supposed to.

Despite all the years of distortion and hype over what the EU really stands for it was never an integrated economic and political union to Brexit from in the first place.

This is why, now that the referendum is over many of the bosses’ class both in the political and business world who appeared to want Brexit for purely populist reasons are now quite content that its initial proceeding won’t even start to begin until the very earliest 2019. They know that now the masses have had their much-awaited vote and it’s out of the way, the UK’s massively subsidised neoliberal economy is wholly dependent to a massive degree on EU membership.

The entire purpose of the much trumped-up EU referendum with a simple “remain or leave” choice on the ballot paper was to exploit economic ignorance, xenophobic instincts, immigration fears and national chauvinism, which all predictably resonated with many disillusioned and politically apathetic voters, many of whom are never encouraged in their everyday lives to investigate the real cause of economic problems which of course is neoliberalism. Neoliberalism, (privatisation, reduced state intervention and the free market) will dominate global proceedings and decision-making anyway, Brexit or not, retaining sovereignity or not, winning “our” country back or not! So while millions who voted out thought it was to exit a massive politically integrated union that undermined the UK’s way of life, the reality was the EU is simply a bankers’ and monetary club which will carry on regardless.

Nick Vinehill, Snettisham