Letters: Nigel Broadhurst, March 3, 2015

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I was shocked to read Anna Reeves’ letter (Lynn News, February 24) about kangaroo meat.

Shocked because Iceland is an ethical retailer that would never allow itself to be associated with the kind of appalling animal cruelty she described.

Unsurprisingly, the facts are quite different.

The kangaroo population is booming and there are now around 54 million in Australia.

This is why their government authorises the controlled and humane shooting of four abundant species to prevent economic and environmental damage.

This shooting is carried out by professional marksmen who are subject to strict rules and supervision and for whom achieving high standards of animal welfare is an absolute priority. Because kangaroos are not farmed they provide a true “free range” meat.

They roam extensively and eat an entirely natural diet. Kangaroo meat is never subject to chemicals, anti-biotics, growth hormones or any other unnatural additives.

We source it from EU-approved processors to ensure the highest standards of food hygiene are maintained at all times. Iceland has built its reputation on selling food that our customers can trust and we will never compromise on that.

Kangaroo is a delicious, lean, high quality meat that shoppers can buy with the assurance that is has been sourced sustainably, responsibly and ethically.

Nigel Broadhurst,

Joint managing director,

Iceland Foods