Letters: Nigel Sizeland, March 3, 2017

Vancouver Quarter - King's Lynn
Vancouver Quarter - King's Lynn
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In the Lynn News we were informed that Lynn is to be named as a Heritage Action Zone in a new initiative aimed at using the area’s history as a driving force for economic growth. West Norfolk Council’s regeneration, heritage and economic development manager,

Mr Ostap Paparega said that the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has spent over £10 million on various projects in West Norfolk over the past decade with three quarters of that being for council-led bids. The council, if it has any spare cash left over this year from the HLF, may want to consider that day visitors who know a bit about Lynn and its buildings and characters may want to learn more, but don’t know where to obtain this information. Not every visitor knows where the Custom House tourism office is or they don’t want to walk that far, nor do they realise they can get a set of basic information leaflets if they pop into the town’s bus station waiting room. In the last two or three years we have seen pop-up glazed independent retail kiosks in the Vancouver Centre and more are planned this year. I believe that it would be great if one of these new kiosks could be used as an additional tourism information office. The existing Custom House should continue as the main tourism office and remain open. A new kiosk would be easily visible, in the middle of the Vancouver Quarter, close to the bus station and car parks, not far from the train station and close to many tourism sites in town. I am sure the council and Vancouver Quarter’s management team and landlords could work together to sort out a beneficial agreement to suit all parties.

Nigel Sizeland, Former Vancouver Shopping Centre manager, 1992-2013