Letters; Norman Grief, March 24, 2017

Congham Hall Hotel - Congham
Congham Hall Hotel - Congham
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Residents of Congham, Grimston and Roydon, are you countryside lovers? If so, wake up as are about to have something that resembles an upmarket Butlins holiday camp on your doorstep. That is if plans that bave been sent through to the borough council by Congham Hall Hotel are approved.

They plan to have a large number of holiday cabins at the hall and surrounding parkland plus and emergency road through the middle of this beautiful grass parkland that has never been ploughed up for more than 200 years, if ever.

This grass meadow used to be the Congham sportsfield just over 100 years back.

There was a cricket field where the main match of the year was between the pub at Congham, nicknamed “the snake”, now The Anvil, and Roydon’s Three Horseshoes pub.

My late dad was captain of the snake team.

I myself have no objection to the holiday cabins in the right place as the hotel is a holiday business.

But the plans they have sent in shows the cabins running east to west on the north side of the meadow up to the road and public footpath, thus taking in a large chunk of parkland. There is room at the back of the hotel and to the north (not the cricket field) for these cabins, so I do object to the plans as they stand at the moment and remember if the road is allowed, what next? Perhaps houses, etc?

I believe it is a duty of a parish councillor as myself to inform the public of these plans in the paper.

Norman Grief