Letters: Pamela Simone, March 17, 2015

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I am upset and dismayed that the QEH has been named as the best in the region for the treatment of stroke patients in 2014 (Lynn News, March 13).

My experience of the care of stroke patients in 2010 could not have been worse.

When my mother was admitted to the QEH in January 2010 after suffering a stroke at home she was treated instead for a urine infection after staff failed to diagnose a stroke.

Indeed it was only after I had several arguments with doctors, consultants and anybody else who would listen that further tests were carried out over 10 days later that she was re-diagnosed as having had a stroke and moved to the stroke unit.

As stated in your article the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of a stroke patient cannot be overstated to prevent further complications and re-admission to hospital. Having been failed so catastrophically by the system my mother spent the remaining few months of her life in and out of hospital where she died in February 2011.

Am I bitter? Yes I am. Do I think the QEH deserves this award? No I do not. Will you print this? I very much doubt it.

Pamela Simone,

Edmonton Estates, Lynn