Letters: Paul Firmage, August 23, 2016

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Well said Nick Vinehill regarding Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labour leadership contest fair and square.

He caused the Tories to back down on several issues, tax credits, personal independence payments and free schools being the main ones. I will stick my neck out and say that he has the potential, despite his age, to be one of the greatest Labour leaders this country has ever had and that is why half a million people have joined the Labour party in the last year. Jeremy said Labour are a broad church when he took over and he tried to accommodate quite a number of the 172 MPs that have rejected him. The 40 MPs in the shadow cabinet deserve credit for supporting his vision for the future. The 172 should go and form another party under a different name. We now have a chance of socialism and we should grasp it.

Paul Firmage, Retreat Estate, Downham Market