Letters; Paul Firmage, February 24, 2015

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Well said Mike Lacey regarding right wingers but Chris Kerry is not living in the real world if he thinks things in this country are improving.

In the last five years we have had continued austerity, the hated bedroom tax, attacks on the disabled and umnemployed and on workers’ rights, zero hours contracts, cutting corners on health and safety, attacks on trade unions and, in the 21st century, food banks which is a disgrace for ther sixth or seventh richest country in the world.

The oil price has come down in the last few months and that is the only plus point coming up to the general election but that is not credit to this nasty and despicable unelected coalition government.

Labour seem to be moving slowly towards the same socialist values (not quickly enough for my liking) but although the previous Labour government started introducing privatisation into the NHS under Patricia Hewitt and Alan Milburn they have now stated they will act to protect the NHS if elected.

On housing, the Tories have only built for the rich when what is needed is social/council housing that is affordable.

Paul Firmage

Retreat Estate