Letters: Paul Firmage, June 2, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech at the Burston Strike Rally.
Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech at the Burston Strike Rally.
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I don’t know where to start with the letters in last Friday’s Lynn News.

Excellent letters from Rebecca Elliot, Nick Barber and G Thos. King, and with reference to the latter’s knowledge about the Public Libraries Act of 1850, I always think that if the establishment, ruling class and some Conservative politicians had their way they would have the working class on bread and water. Regarding the Rev Robert West talking about Jeremy Corbyn and socialism, we have never really had socialism in this country, a few policies under the Attlee government after the Second World War with the NHS being founded in 1948 and the railways being nationalised plus a good house building programme, mainly council houses.In the 1970s there were glimpses of socialism under the Wilson government of 1974 until 1976 but the Callaghan government of 1976-79 took a more centre-right stance. The trade unions had a bit more power in the 1970s but it did not last long, which was a great shame as we started to see the emergence of a fairer, more equal society. I would say to Gerry Byrne that we need corporation tax to be much higher than it is. The only way forward for this country now is a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour party with attractive socialist policies, and one thing is certain, you cannot trust the present government with the NHS. Jeremy Corbyn has been an MP since 1983 so has plenty of experience. A lot of the problems in this country have come because of incessant greed. Greed at the top must be challenged head-on otherwise standards of living for the majority will just get much worse.

Paul Firmage, Retreat Estate, Downham Market