Letters: Paul Firmage, March 3, 2017

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I often agree with letters from Nick Vinehill and he makes some fairly valid points regarding Tony Blair, but with regard to his comment about “pathetic accusations of him being a war criminal” (Letters, February 24),

I will just say back in 2003 millions of people took to the streets to protest against the Iraq war. Did the government take this into account when going to war? Although opinion was divided in all political parties, a large protest shouldhave been taken into account. Tony Blair did well on the Northern Ireland peace process started by John Major but he is a war criminal in many people’s estimation and rightfully so. He should not be given a platform in the media at all for what he and George W Bush did over the Iraq war. Remember millions of lives were lost and we now have a much more dangerous world because of going to war. I agree Labour should cleanse itself of all Labour Blairite MPs but that would be nearly impossible, although I still hope Jeremy Corbyn will become prime minister.

Paul Firmage

Retreat Estate, Downham