Letters: Paul Firmage, October 21, 2014

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It beggars belief that ‘name and address supplied’ (Lynn News, Tuesday, October 14) can condemn NHS workers for going on strike for four hours on Monday.

We are told that politicians are giving themselves a £7,000 a year increase and I have to question how many are worth the increase. I would name Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonell, Ian Lavery, Grahame Morris, Dennis Skinner of the Labour Party, Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett of the Green Party and George Galloway, of Respect, and possibly a few more who actually stand up for working class people of this country with proper socialist values.

Labour may not have been good on the economy but if we end up with the Conservative Party running the country after the general election I dread to think what we will have to put up with. Unfortunately Labour have stated they will follow an austerity agenda.

On the NHS, the Conservative Party can never be trusted and on housing they can never be trusted. They build for the rich and forget everybody else when the country is crying out for affordable social housing as the letter by W Blundell states.

According to the BBC, the average wage is about £27,000 a year and most nurses are paid about £25,000 a year and these are people that look after the health of the nation so they deserve a decent pay rise.

Also on Monday on the breakfast programme, Louise Minchin, the presenter, asked Dave Prentis, the Unison general secretary “Why are your members going on strike? - this from somebody who probably earns more than the politicians.

Paul Firmage

Retreat Estate