Letters: Paul Firmage, October 23, 2015

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Although Tony Plumb does not state his political party by the content of his letter, I would imagine he is either a Conservative or a UKIP supporter. To say that Labour were annihilated at the general election is an exaggeration although they were well beaten.

The Conservatives won with only 24 per cent of the country voting for them and now they want to attack the trade unions on taking industrial/strike action where 50 per cent of a workforce must be voting and 40 per cent at least voting for strike action, which is not democratic whatsoever.

This sure is a case of one rule for the establishment and one rule for the rest. Labour lost because they were rather indecisive on a number of issues but with a new leader in Jeremy Corbyn they will be ready for power by 2020.

The present government is well on the way to destroying the welfare state and in addition we have the hated bedroom tax, zero hours contracts, food banks, privatising everything they can, running the NHS into the ground, talking about free schools which should be run by local authorities, building houses only for the rich and not council houses and social and affordable homes, and attacking trade unions on just about everything they can. The Conservatives are only interested in looking after those at the top of society with wealthy incomes. Under this regime, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. It should be remembered that immigration has been good for this country, it is after all a two-way thing, and we should be taking in more refugees.

Paul Firmage

Retreat Estate, Downham