Letters: Paul Firmage, September 8, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech at the Burston Strike Rally. ANL-150609-174837001
Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech at the Burston Strike Rally. ANL-150609-174837001
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Two excellent letters regarding Jeremy Corbyn from Mike Larcey and Nick Vinehill.

Last year I was at Burston when Jeremy made a marvellous speech, mainly praising Bob Crow and Tony Benn, who had sadly died within a few days of each other in March 2014. I’m sure they would be very proud of what Jeremy is doing now connecting with so many people, particularly the younger generation in the Labour leadership contest. What angers me is the old guard of New Labour coming out at every opportunity against Jeremy Corbyn. We have had former prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, who was seen a few weeks ago pacing up and down at a London venue and looking like he was on his deathbed trying to appeal to an audience against Jeremy Corbyn, plus former cabinet ministers Charles Clarke, Peter Hain, Alan Johnson, Peter Mandelson, Alan Milburn, John Reid and Jack Straw voicing opinion, which I accept they are entitled to do, but with nothing constructive to say as regards making the country better for the people. They became part of New Labour and have become like Tories and Lib Dems. If they don’t like it, let them form a breakaway party. I hope Jeremy becomes leader but it is one small step for socialism which, if he did become leader, would at least make for a more caring and compassionate party; but unfortunately, we have another five years of misery with the present regime, a nasty and despicable government.

Paul Firmage

Retreat Estate, Downham