Letters: Paul Harris, January 20, 2015

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Although I agree that there is a need for housing, this development is too large for this area. Existing green spaces and wildlife habitat will be built over, albeit there are plans to replace them but it will end up a concrete jungle interspersed with a few green spaces.

The wildlife will take years to re-establish, if ever.

This is one big space in Lynn where children can play in safety and which is unpolluted by urban living and cars. Please leave the existing wildlife areas and the big space with the football pitches. The thought of seeing those spaces covered with houses is heartbreaking.

Also, which doctors’ surgeries are going to support all these new residents?

Which hospital in the area can cope with the increased demand? If the new residents have children which schools will they go to?

We moved from Enfield, north London, two years ago mainly because that area became congested and over crowded; 20 years ago it was on the outskirts of London, peaceful and had plenty of open spaces for people to walk, enjoy nature and for the children to play. Then came development and now Enfield is not such a nice place to live.

We came to King’s Lynn because it had all what Enfield had 20 years ago.

I for one would be really annoyed and frustrated to see King’s Lynn go the same way.

Paul Harris,