Letters: Penny Snape, October 2, 2015

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I cannot believe what I hear on the news, it sounds so astonishing.

I refer to Mr Osborne undertaking to give a Chinese firm of engineers permission and money to build a nuclear electric power station in England. China, by all accounts, is the most polluted country on Earth because its government does not feel obliged to abide by rules of health and safety. We have already suffered in different parts of the world from nuclear fallout caused by accidents with these power stations. If we must have nuclear power, for goodness sake let it be provided by the people who live in this country and who have to abide by certain rules. Of course, we trade with China and have done for decades and we should be trying to make the Chinese treat their workers better, but this latest step is several too far.

Penny Snape

Ferry Road, Clenchwarton