Letters: Peter Putterill, June 13, 2017

King's Lynn Railway Station
King's Lynn Railway Station
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May I be permitted to add to Ed Brownbill’s findings about the new trains now on our rail service (Lynn News, June 9)?

On Thursday, my wife and I made one of our now irregular journeys by rail from Lynn to London. Clutching

our first class tickets we found one of these new trains awaited us. These days we bravely pay the premium for first class as I consider myself at an age when I do not wish to join the scramble to board the train home and to find a seat. I doubt I could now survive standing for most of the journey back to Lynn. Finding the first class section of the train came as a challenge. We at last found it near the centre of the train, looking the same as the rest of the carriages. Same seats, same colour and all looking like upended ironing boards and, as we soon found out, just about uncomfortable as such boards might be. There were sliding doors that closed to mark the section’s boundaries as soon as the train was underway but those for seats, or loos, would need to pass through it.

Things got worse. As the train was underway we found ourselves badly thrown about in our seats. Our tickets may have found it easier to find seats at King’s Cross but they felt even more uncomfortable. After a busy time in town they came in no way close for aiding the much needed relaxation we badly needed on our journeyhome.

We braced ourselves for the expected exciting ride as we left Cambridge.

At Downham, I gave up with my uncomfortable seat and for relief stood for rest of the way to Lynn.

Peter Putterill