Letters: Peter Smith, January 16, 2015

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It is clear that if the plans to build on Lynnsport’s playing fields are progressed in their present form there will be a net loss of green recreational space. We will have less green space than we have now.

Transport access from Edward Benefer Way is a sensible option, but it is the case that parents taking their children to schools in Gaywood will have to go the long way round and this will itself increase traffic congestion in an already over-congested area.

It is also by no means clear how the already overstretched infrastructure, including doctors, dentists and schools, will be sufficiently increased to meet demand.

Nothing seems to have been learnt either from the large Downham development built on a flood plain. The problems of damp are already very evident in many houses, and forecasts suggest that rising river levels will lead to increasing water-related problems wherever flood plains are built on.

I am also surprised to see very little provision being made for cyclists in a town which has done so much to encourage cycling.

Finally , whilst I acknowledge that shortage of housing is a major concern, the locations for the provision of new units should be chosen where the need can be shown to be greatest. At the same time every effort should be made to ensure that the considerable number of empty buildings be utilised.

Peter Smith,

Metheun Avenue, Gaywood