Letters: Philip Wagstaff, January 22, 2016

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JPNS-20-02-13-006 comm view landfill PPP-150226-123526001
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Not a single Norfolk local authority has so far managed to recycle half of their residents’ houshold rubbish, a target set by the European Union.

The figures have been found in official statistics by the GMB general union which says all authorities are supposed to reach the recycle target no later than 2020.

Out of 46 councils in the eastern region, Lynn is the most successful, recycling just under 42 per cent of its refuse.

The worst performing council in the county (in the south west of the county is Breckland at just over 37 per cent winning 41st place out of 46) is Norwich City whose 33 per cent recycle achievement wins it 43rd place out of the 46 authorities in the eastern region.

In contrast the most successful council in the region (Rochford, Essex) recycled 65 per cent of its residents’ trash.

Philip Wagstaff

by email