Letters: R Hurn, August 21, 2015

King's Lynn Bus Station Official Opening ANL-150730-171949009
King's Lynn Bus Station Official Opening ANL-150730-171949009
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Congratulations to all those responsible for the new layout of the Lynn coach exchange, an excellent job well thought out and now completed.

The same, however cannot be said for a certain bus company whose name is identical to that of a film made in 1966 set in the American West. For example, last Thursday, August 13, the X29 service from Fakenham to Norwich broke down en route while the 13.38 X8 service from Fakenham to Lynn failed to appear at all. Those of your readers who know where and how the bus stops at Fakenham are situated will no doubt also know that this is not an ideal place for passengers to be kept waiting for over an hour. A few weeks ago an X8 service to Fakenham broke down at West Rudham, while another double decker was found to be out of service there in Oak Street, its front end supported by a large trolley jack. I have no doubt that certain company will have some excuse for such incidents, perhaps they should ensure that a more reliable vehicle is used over such a distance. Alternatively they might consider using a coach and four with Red Indians in hot pursuit!

R. Hurn

Station Road, Heacham