Letters: RG Cross, February 13, 2015

Road markings ANL-150902-151527001
Road markings ANL-150902-151527001
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Is road safety supposed to be dangerous?

This is the remains of a speed bump. sleeping policeman or, more correctly, a dangerous piece of angle iron built into the road surface.

It is on the Fairstead estate close to Pandora and a small roundabout on a blind corner - blind in as much as the left turn obscures this very dangerous hazard when heading towards Gayton Road. It could easily cut a tyre with its sharp edges.

I know these obstacles have been repaired in the past but the repair doesn’t last long.

This one has been dangerous for two weeks that I know about. I haven’t reported it myself. I thought I would leave it to someone else.

It must have been driven over or round by numerous buses, ambulances, police cars, Freebridge and council workers and hundreds of private motorists every day and if it hasn’t been reported by at least one of them I feel better about not reporting it myself.

I don’t see why the chosen few should put up with the bumps anyway. Let’s have some on the more up-market estates. I am sure they drive just as fast as us without being subjected to such dangers.

I wonder if a risk assessment was ever carried out and who would take responsibility in the event of an injury or even a death caused by a tyre blow-out in such a location. Is this system used anywhere else? If so, where?

And if they have failed, have they been repaired using the correct (presumably certified) parts or just irresponsibly bodged up as ours have with no real regard for public safety.

RG Cross,

Old South, Fairstead