Letters: Richard English, November 25, 2016

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I note that the tedious wrangling regarding Brexit continues ad nauseam in your paper and to what end I ask?

The contributors continue to rant on over something that has been voted for, and that should be an end of it, just accept it. I foresee an onslaught of letters regarding the merits of The Donald being elected as President-elect, again to what end? There is nothing we can do about it, just accept it.

This country has become obsessed with endless discussions, committees, debates about what we might do, what could happen etc. It seems to me that the UK has become a nation of moaning do-nothing people. We have to take action to determine the way forward for our once great nation. Could you imagine us being able to defend our shores with our current mind-set of committees, panels. Every aspect of our society is contaminated with people who do not want to take responsibility for their own actions.

I wonder how we managed to get through in the Second World War, especially the early days.

Come on folks, we’re better than this – action this day not another meeting please!

Richard J C English, Gaywood Road, Lynn