Letters; Richard Hooke, January 23, 2015

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The proposed housing development on not vacant or waste land but on the long established recreation area near Lynnsport beggars belief.

This green and pleasant space is a precious amenity to all who live in the surrounding area and should be preserved for future generations.

How anyone could even contemplate replacing it with bricks, mortar and tarmac and lose it forever suggests someone totally unaware of what this green space is actually is for or just ignoring the fact for whatever reasons.

I am amazed that this kind of planning still happens because in the middle of an already densely populated area it would take away existing long established local access to relaxation, recreation, nature and habitat and replace it with pollution and overcrowding not to mention the impact on infrastructure from significantly increased traffic, pressure on health and education services etc.

A serious rethink is needed here before irreversible loss and damage occurs to this local beauty spot.

Richard Hooke,

New Street, Lynn