Letters: Richard Humphries, March 24, 2017

Daffodils in bloom at the base of Lynn's Red Mount.
Daffodils in bloom at the base of Lynn's Red Mount.
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On a recent visit to Lynn we took our four-year old grandson to have a run-around at The Walks.

He wanted to climb the Red Mount and run round the outside of the Chapel while we waited below. When he took more seconds than necessary we called out to him and he appeared in a very distressed state.

On investigating, my wife and I found a group of what I can only call hardened drinkers hiding out of public view in the recesses at the rear of the chapel. Later we saw the group approached by a council workman who advised them they were not allowed to drink alcohol within The Walks. As soon as the workman left, they ignored his advice. What is the point of having an alcohol ban in a public park unless it is enforced? Who is policing this scheme? I don’t imagine Norfolk Constabulary have the manpower to patrol parks regularly. Are there sufficient CCTV cameras? I would hate anyone else’s child to have such a distressing experience.

Richard Humphries