Letters: Richard JC English, January 2, 2015

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Some strange things are happening with our council these days, as reported in the Lynn News (December 19).

Firstly the council is asking if we wish to pay extra for police services in Norfolk next year. The answer, of course, is of course. How could we not?

Police forces throughout the country are stretched beyond all reasonable limits, the same as our armed services, due to the horrendous Government cuts.

The duty of government and our councils is to keep the nation safe; this cannot be done if we cut our defence mechanisms to the bone.

Also in the paper is a headline exhorting us to recycle more this Christmas, but in the letters column Pete Widows advises us that the Heacham recycling centre, as of April, will only be open for four days a week instead of seven and there will be a charge of £2 per visit!

It is quite obvious this will give rise to fly-tipping by those of us who are less responsible and thus, at a stroke, increase the cost to us as the council then have to expensively collect all the items that have been illegally tipped.

Richard JC English

Gaywood Road

King’s Lynn