Letters: Richard JC English, March 27, 2015

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The cruel religious practice of Halal slaughter has, rightly, been mentioned in two letters recently.

My wife and I for many years now have refused to use any Indian takeaways or restaurants.

Our reasoning is that most are run by persons of the Muslim religion so they serve meat from animals that have been so cruelly slaughtered. We just can’t have that on our consciences.

Worse still, more and more fast-food outlets are serving up this meat, even KFC!

That said, I have checked with the KFC on the Hardwick and I am delighted to say they still serve meat that has been slaughtered in the proper way in that the animal has been stunned first. This was a great relief to us.

We shall continue to eat meat but will always check first that it has been humanely killed before it reaches our plates.

It would be good if most people who ate in takeaways considered just what they were eating before ordering

Richard English

Gaywood Road, Lynn