Letters: Richard JC English, May 8, 2015

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I read with not a little consternation that Diane Unsworth the writer of the Between the Lines column in the Lynn News is to cease writing her excellent column on Fridays, and I would urge her to reconsider.

If she gives up writing her column, who wins? The yobs of course; they don’t care what happens to her but they now know that they have won, to their pathetic code, a victory over common sense and decency.

We really do have to stand up and be counted to combat the spread of bad yobbish behaviour and we won’t do that by running away or giving up. I do note that the Labour Party has at long last apologised for allowing 24-hour drinking which seems to be the source of many of the incidents that have driven Diane to resign.

We celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe on Friday, 8th May. Diana should remember that we in Britain stood firm, and for a while alone, in the face of seemingly an unwinnable conflict – yet we won.

Come on Diana, be a winner and celebrate VE Day by retracting your resignation and continuing the good fight on behalf of all of us – please.

Richard JC English,