Letters: Richard Parr, May 19, 2017

Queen Elizabeth Hospital - King's Lynn
Queen Elizabeth Hospital - King's Lynn
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Like your recent correspondent, the Rev John Garfoot (Lynn News, May 9) who celebrates his 101st birthday on June 15 and is a truly remarkable man, I too can only speak most highly of the medical treatment and care I have received, both as an in-patient and an ongoing out-patient, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn.

Earlier this year. I was treated for a nasty chest infection and bout of flu which sapped me of my strength and energy causing me to collapse. I was treated on the hospital’s Elm ward for eight days. The medical and ancillary care and support staff worked their “magic” and restored me back to good health. They were truly wonderful in looking after me and I wrote and told them so.

People who know me, will be aware that for the past 18 months I have been treated for a rare medical condition causing my bones to break in my right foot. The treatment I have received from the medical staff in the hospital’s Podiatry department has been excellent. My foot and leg plaster cast is cut off and renewed every two weeks so I am now on first name terms with the wonderful, caring staff in the Plaster Room. They really can’t do enough for me and I offer them my heartfelt thanks.

The NHS comes in for a lot of criticism and mistakes are sometimes made (sadly, it is not a perfect world) but I can only speak from my own experience of Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital where my treatment has been of the highest quality.

Richard Parr