Letters: Rita Lake, October 31, 2014

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I don’t know if the Lynn News can help with this issue. You did a really good job with getting behind the incinerator project, so I thought I would ask.

I can’t believe that the council is planning to take away our only green belt area in Gaywood, namely Lynnsport Park, and build hundreds of houses on it.

Surely this cannot be right? It will be a huge loss to us and our quality of life.

We have used the park for years, football, dog walking, our kids hanging out, making friends etc and personally I feel so much more part of the community in doing so.

How many green belt areas are there in King’s Lynn? Surely for the size of our every growing population not enough.

We need to think of the future and what we are taking away from our children, too.

Rita Lake,

Wootton Road, Lynn