Letters: Rob Archer, January 23, 2015

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The current crash in petrol prices is seen as good news by many.

However if it results in more people driving more often, it will be a disaster for the planet and for our health.

Meanwhile, as motorists are seeing cuts of up to 20 per cent at the pumps, public transport users are facing yet more fare increases along with decreasing service levels, particularly on local buses.

The national concessionary bus pass is once again under threat of being cut or, at best, severely curtailed which will cause further cuts to rural bus services.

This will lead to yet more people getting back into their cars or, for many, simply being isolated in their homes.

This is clearly unfair, which is why the Green Party will scrap the bulk of the present government’s wasteful and anachronistic road building programme and reallocate the funds to public transport, walking and cycling, including an immediate 10 per cent cut in basic fares.

Locally, we would invest in improving bus links between King’s Lynn and surrounding villages and a major upgrade to the cycling network.

Just think what could be done with the millions the current borough council is planning to spend on the unwanted and unnecessary Lynnsport relief road!

Rob Archer,

Transport spokesman,

West Norfolk Green Party