Letters: Robert Raab, August 25, 2015

King's Lynn Bus Station Official Opening ANL-150730-171930009
King's Lynn Bus Station Official Opening ANL-150730-171930009
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There are no problems with the buses, the bus services and the bus station!

How can people say there are problems with how they operate and where they go?

We were promised we would have the best service and bus station when the renovation is finished, buses will be running on time and there will be no cancellations. But our main bus services have been taken over by Stagecoach.

So, are the bus service problems people are talking about down to the takeover by Stagecoach, of profit before services, or is the problem down to the council’s actions or both of them?

A word to the council – we need to have a better bus service, keep our bicycle paths and increase their numbers before the borough comes to a standstill.

In future we need to decrease the number of cars on our roads. By having a better bus service and more cycle paths, we will decrease air pollution and climate change.

Robert Raab

Fairstead, Lynn